Conditions of entry

This is a digital image only exhibition. The competition is open to all amateur and professional photographers.

All entrants accept the conditions of entry. All entrants must possess all rights to their images. All images and parts of images must be entirely the work of the entrant. Images may be submitted by CD or online. Images which were accepted in previous Cross Continental Circuits must not be submitted again. Identical images especially in color and monochrome are not allowed and both will be rejected. Also more or less identical images from a sequence will be rejected. To send identical images or variations in different divisions are not eligible. The competition organisation will reject images after the judging in case they will not follow the rules.

Works submitted may be used free of charge for the catalogue and other publicity in connection with the exhibition. This may include low resolution posting on our website, Instagram and facebook sites. The organiser can accept no liability if the entrant does not own the necessary rights to the image. Images with suspicious rights will be rejected. All images and parts of them will not be used to any commercials of the sponsors.

The organizers reserve the right at any time before, during or after judging to investigate any of your images to confirm that it complies with the terms specified in these Conditions Of Entry. This includes, but is not limited to, adherence to the relevant definitions and ensuring that you are the sole photographer and producer of the image. At the discretion of the organizers, this investigation may entail asking you to justify how your image meets the requirements. If in the opinion of the organizers an image fails in such an investigation, the organizers reserve the right either to judge it as not being suitable for the exhibition or to decline your full application and refund your entry fee. Under either situation, the full circumstances may be reported to the PSA, FIAP and other international photographic organisations who may undertake their own investigation and follow on action. Any image regarded as not suitable will lose any acceptance or award it might previously have been accorded.


Rights of PSA

By choosing to apply to have your images included in an exhibition which has been officially recognized by the Photographic Society of America (the PSA), you hereby acknowledge that the PSA has a right to investigate your completed application and the images for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the Conditions of Entry and any sanctions that the PSA may have imposed on you. You confirm that you will cooperate with any such investigation. This right to investigate arises from the submission of the application and will persist even if after the closing date you withdraw your application or any of the images or if the application or images are declined at any time by the organizers. If upon investigation and after giving you a reasonable opportunity to justify your application, the PSA is of the opinion that the application is not in accordance with the requirements, you acknowledge that the PSA has the right to impose sanctions including banning you from entering future PSA recognized exhibitions. If any sanctions are imposed, the PSA reserves the right to publicize the details and inform FIAP.

If at any time, it is determined in the reasonable discretion of the exhibition organizer or the judges before, during, or after the judging of an exhibition that an entrant has submitted entries where one or more images may fail to comply with these Conditions of Entry, including the stated definitions, the exhibition organizers reserve the right to delete the entry from the exhibition and void any or all acceptances or awards in connection with the exhibition. Fees may be forfeited or refunded in these circumstances. The entrant acknowledges that the decision of the exhibition organizers or the judges is final.

In order to ensure that images comply with the Conditions of Entry and definitions, the exhibition organizers may carry out reasonable measures to verify that:

a) the images are the original work of the entrant and

b) the images comply with the rules and definitions as set out in these Conditions of Entry.

These steps include, but are not limited to, questioning any entrant, requiring the submission of RAW files or other digital files representing the original capture of the submitted image(s), confronting the entrant with evidence that one or more submitted images fails to comply with the Conditions of Entry (also known as Entry Rules), and offering the entrant a reasonable opportunity to provide counter evidence to refute the exhibition organizer’s evidence by a set deadline. Such entries that are not cleared or are still questionable after the entrant has presented evidence may be considered in breach of these Conditions of Entry, and declined. Such entries may be referred to PSA for further investigation of possible ethics violations.

PSA retains the right to investigate in any way all complaints/suspicions of breaches of entry conditions, impose sanctions if deemed necessary, void the acceptances of any image found to violate the PSA rules, include the entrant’s name on the list of sanctions provided to Exhibitions, and share such investigations with FIAP. Entrants automatically agree to these terms by the act of entering the Exhibition and agree to cooperate with any investigation.

Rights of FIAP

With the sole act of submitting his/her images or files to a salon under FIAP Patronage, the entrant accepts without exception and with no objection that the submitted images can be investigated by FIAP to establish if these obey to FIAP regulations and definitions even if the entrant is not a member of FIAP; that FIAP will use any means at its disposal for this undertaking; that any refusal to cooperate with FIAP or any refusal to submit the original files as captured by the camera, or failure to provide sufficient evidence, will be sanctioned by FIAP and that in case of sanctions following the non compliance with FIAP regulations, the name of the entrant will be released in any form useful to inform the breaches of the rules. It is recommended to leave the EXIF data in the submitted files intact in order to ease eventual investigations.


EU-General Data Protection Regulation GDPR

General submissions § 1

With the entry to the competitions, the German International DVF-Photocup (GIP) and the Cross Continental Circuit (CCC) the entrant accept electronic data storage within the scope of the competition. This refers to the storage of the name, postal address, e-mail address and the associated pictures with the corresponding titles. This information will be communicated to organizations such as FIAP, PSA, GPU, RPS, VÖAV, DVF or other organizations in the respective countries, in case of an announcement or award. E-mail address, excluding personal data, used for announcements of further competitions by the organizer. The dispatch of the newsletter is known as blind copy, no other participant can see the email address. Each participant can request the modification or deletion of his email address. This happens within a month. The data will be saved as long as the organizer makes photo competitions.

The publication of the results of the competition is with name, country and the picture title of the submitted work, as well as the publication of the picture. The image rights are still by the author, as well as the duties when the photograph shows people in the picture. The Organizer will take care to remove images from the contest that not prevent the privacy and to reclaim the awards. The participation fee will not be refunded in this case. The organizer accepts no responsibility for the content of the submitted works. On request, people in the pictures can ask for the name of the author.

Youth submissions § 2

Adolescents under the age of 18 must submit a confirmation from the parent or guardian. The confirmation contains the personal data in the same way as described in § 1. Entries and their images without any consent will be eliminated from the competition.


Competition divisions

Works accepted will count for the PSA star-rating and Who’s Who in the division PID color and monochrome class (Projected Images Division). Youth entries will not judge separately.



There are 3 sections:

Open images PIDC (free Theme, Color)

Open images PIDC (Action&Movement, Color)

Open images PIDM (free Theme, Monochrome)


Entry Form

Online entries per upload do not need any entry form.

The entry form (Excel-sheet) must be submitted electronically by e-mail or with the CD if you may send your image in this way, not per Upload!. It could be found on


Submission of entries

The images must be sent as jpg-files with 8bit/sRGB (max. 1920x1080 Px and 2 MB per image). For each section a maximum of 4 images may be submitted. It will be recommended for the prize of best author to enter with 4 images! Clubs can enter with at least 6 members.


The following methods of submission are possible:

Upload (preferred)

The images can be uploaded directly per Internet on our homepage. The image files should not be renamed. After the upload each entrant will receive a confirmation with thumbnails of the images. Please send the whole entry again if this may not happen!

The address is:



Images must be in JPG format, not zipped as .zip or .rar! Please name images as explained below. Please email images to the following address:

If mailing images please remember to include your entry form.


By post on CD

Images may be submitted on CD. Please include the entry form on CD! The CDs will not be returned.


Postal address for entries:

Norbert Heil

Johannesstrasse 5

D-70794 Filderstadt



File naming

Only necessary if you send the images not per upload !

The file name should have a prefix with the letter of the section (C=Color, M=mono, X=Action&Movement) and an order number of 1-4. The rest doesn’t matter. File names must be identical to the file names listed in the entry form to prevent confusion. New rules from PSA will not allow titles as, no title, unnamed etc.! Please note that file names should not be confused with image titles.

Do not name the titles of the images with C1 or X1 etc!


Image size

Maximum horizontal length 1920 pixels, vertical 1080 pixels.

Smaller sizes will be accepted, but they will not projected in a full screen mode. Files should not exceed 2 MB per image (upload). We are judging on TV-Screens with Full HD resolution (1920x1080 px).



Color images in monochrome section as reversed are not allowed. An entrant’s four images will be distributed throughout four rounds of judging in that section.

The judges will award the acceptances, medals and honourable mentions of the entered images.

The score of best author as well as best youth is counted by the number of acceptances in one division during the total circuit. Each honourable mention scores an additional point, each medal 2 points. Only the highest score of an entrant in one division takes part in this ranking.

In the case of identical top scores all judges will make the final decision. The decision of the judges is final. The club winner will be determined by the 6 best members of each club from the author’s scoring. If 2 or more clubs have the same score, the best single member takes the win.


List of acceptances and results

Each participant will receive the report card only per e-mail as an acceptance list of the circuit. The report card contains the acceptances of the images and the ranking of the author’s score. Images without any acceptance will not be published on this list.



The catalogue will be a pdf.file. Each entrant will receive an email with a link to download the catalogue. It will be posted on our website as download.

There will be no CD produced and send per mail to an entrant.

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