Cups for best author over all, best youth, best club and youth club

FIAP Pin for best author in each salon




Each section in each Salon:

2 FIAP Honorable Mentions

16 CCC Honorable Mentions

Best Youth medal


Entry Fee

20 Є / 25 US$ all sections

Entrants under the age of 21 are free of charge (proof of age is required. Send copy of ID with birth date to:

Youth: till 21st October 1998

Pay per Paypal to:



The entry fee is 20 Euro/25 US$. Paypal will be accepted.

Due to the high clearance charges we regret that we cannot accept IRCs, foreign credit transfers or cheques drawn on foreign banks.

To pay by Paypal please consult and send your payment to


Entry fee in cash should sent to the following address:

Norbert Heil

Johannesstrasse 5

D-70794 Filderstadt



Entry fee Youth

Entrants under the age of 21 are free of charge. In order to qualify for a CCC 2019 Youth entrant, you must have been born on or after 21st October 1998. All youth entrants have to copy an ID with birthday to proof their age. Youth entrants who have sent their IDs in former years have not to resend.

Please note: Youth entrants without confirmation of age, will be rejected.


Club entries

Club entries are welcome.

The entry fee will be reduced to 15 Euro/ 20 US$ of the total fee of the club (minimum 6 members).

Please send a list of all club members who enter the circuit. The fee for a club entry must be paid once by one member, otherwise we cannot allow the discount! Only listed members of a club will count for club scoring. Please fill in the club in the entry forms. Members, who have not filled in the club name or took another club name cannot be included into the club score after presenting the results. The fee for a club entry should be paid once by one member.

Online entries of club members: The payment advice at the end of the upload should be ignored, if one member will pay the fee.

Entries without the due fees will not be judged! Sorry, no exceptions! The entry fee must arrive no later than the date of first judging.


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